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How to Stay Healthy During Busy Season - Your Career Intel

How to Stay Healthy During Busy Season - Your Career IntelWeve all been there its the peak of busy season, youre working late into the night, and youre facing yet anotlageher geschftszimmer dinner of takeout food and energy drinks or coffee. Its been weeks since you saw the inside of the gym or had a full nights sleep. You know this path isnt sustainable, but how can you change your habits?When I first began my professional career, I also struggled with the saatkorn unhealthy habits. I quickly realized that if I didnt prioritize my health, however, I wouldnt be able to meet high performance demands or effectively manage stress. I started by making just a few simple changes to my daily routine. These changes formed the foundation for a new, healthy lifestyle thats continued to this day.No matter your age, its never too late to course correct. Making diet and fitness a priority during busy season will support your physical health, emotional well being, and on-the job success. Start wit h these simple changes1. Schedule exercise. During busy season, if you dont put a meeting or call on your calendar, it wont happen. The same goes for exercise if you block an hour each day to be active, its much easier to follow through on that commitment. Schedule your workout for midday day or early morning most busy professionals are drained by the end of the day and dont have the energy to work out, or find theyre stuck working late and cant make it to the gym.For me, I block an hour over lunch every day to exercise. If your office isnt close to the gym or doesnt have access to showers, a sweaty, midday workout might be a no-go. You can still use this time to clear your mind and get moving. Take a walk outside or ask permission to use conference room space for a short yoga practice. Invite your coworkers to join you and make it an office routine.2. Keep it quick. Even if an early morning workout makes the most sense for your schedule, the prospect of getting up at 5am to squeeze in this workout before your morning commute may be a non-starter. In this case, consider how you can maximize your workout benefits while minimizing the time commitment. An effective workout can easily be completed in 30 minutes or less.I enjoy HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts, like Tabata. The Nike+ Training Club App offers free, step-by-step workouts, many of which can be completed in 30 minutes or less. Studies show that short interval workouts are actually more effective in achieving sustained weight loss and improved cardiovascular health than low-impact-stead-state training and can be applied to any exercise activity, regardless of your level of fitness. Dont let lack of time be an excuse for not exercising3. Prep food on the weekends. When you have food ready-to-go in the fridge, its easy to grab a healthy breakfast or lunch option rather than defaulting to office takeout meals. Dont love to cook? Not a problem even preparing some healthy basics over the week end will balance out your diet during the week. For example, I steam or cook vegetables in bulk and then divide them into five containers for weekday meals. Saut chicken or cook quinoa over the weekend and then mix in with a kale salad for a healthy, protein-packed lunch.If you dont have time to hit the grocery store, consider a meal prep delivery service that provides all the ingredients you need to prepare a healthy meal in 30 minutes or less. Or if you dont have time to cook, consider a pre-cooked meal service. Most cities have prepared meal providers to meet your dietary needs. While the upfront cost may seem high, when you compare this with the daily cost of covering takeout meals, you may find that the meal prep kit or service actually saves you money not to mention improving your diet.4. Stock your desk with healthy snacks. When you hit a mid-afternoon energy lull and dont have anything on hand, its pretty tough to resist those cupcakes sitting in the office break room. My st rategy always keep a variety of healthy, minimally processed snack bars and nuts right at my desk so I dont even have to enter the break room of temptation Check labels and steer clear of anything with added sugar and oils. My favorites are Larabar, Kind Bar and Epic Bars. Nuts and nut-butters from Trader Joes are packed with clean proteins and healthy fats. Keep fresh fruit in the office fridge apples are inexpensive and can last all week.5. Rethink your commute and daily routine. What opportunities exist to integrate activity into your daily commute? During warmer months here in Denver, many of my colleagues enjoy biking or walking to work. Even something as simple as choosing to park at the back of the park lot, opting for stairs over the elevator, or using a standing desk can help integrate extra movement into your day.During busy season, its easy to fall into an unhealthy routine. Youre working long hours, living off caffeine, sugar and takeout food, and can barely find time to get a few hours of sleep each night, much less work out. Putting personal care on the backburner, however, can not only increase the risk for weight gain and chronic health problems, but also hurt your on-the-job performance.If youre struggling to stay committed to these changes, seek support from your coworkers. Invite your coworkers to a midday yoga class, sign the office up for a healthy precooked meal delivery service, or start a daily step challenge.How do you stay healthy and cope with busy season stress? I invite you to share your tips in the comment section below.

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Is Facebooks Job Search Feature Worth Using - Jobscan Blog

Is facebook incs Job Search Feature Worth Using - Jobscan BlogPosted on August 7, 2017October 23, 2018 by Jon Shields Early this year, facebook inc quietly rolled out a new jobs section to help connect its 1.9 billion users with the 70 million businesses that are on the platform. Businesses can now deutsche bundespost available jobs on Facebook as simply as sharing an update or new product with their followers.If Facebook has been distracting you from your online job search anyway, it might be time to add it to the mix alongside standards like Indeed and Glassdoor or the powerful new aggregatorGoogle for Jobs.Where to find Jobs on FacebookJobs on Facebook hasnt been highly publicized for all users. It can be found on the left sidebar under the Explore heading, but its placement will vary for each user. Some users will find Jobs at the top while others will have to click See More to scroll and find it.You can also navigate directly to Jobs on Facebook you fin d it, Jobs on Facebook offers up a variety of listings in your area. The left sidebar gives you the option to search for keywords or filter by industry and job type.Prepare Your Facebook ResumeThe first step to applying for a job through Facebook is updating your work and education history on your profile About section. Because Facebook is not known as a job search or professional networking site for most users, its likely that your listed work history has gaps or lacks detail.Add your complete work and education history and fill out job descriptions and skills sections using resume writing best practices.Create a Professional Facebook Profilevermgen employers and hiring managers are likely to look you up on major social media platforms regardless of how you apply, but making sure your Facebook profile is representative of you as a candidate is especially important when applying directly through Facebook.Choose a professional profile photo and hide questionable content from public v iew. Make sure the job descriptions in your work history are filled out with relevant information that is tailored to the types of jobs youll be applying for. These job descriptions will not be part of your Facebook application, but can be seen when the hiring manager inevitably checks out your profile.To see what hiring managers and other members of the public see, go to your profile and select View As near the top.Apply for a Job on FacebookBack at Jobs on Facebook, use the search and filters to find a job youre interested in, then click Apply Now. This will take you to the full job posting. If everything looks good, click Apply Now again. This opens a window that allows you to update your contact information, answer any prompts created by the company, and review your work history.Once youre finished polishing your application, click Send. The business will receive your contact details, the answers to their prompts, and a basic listing of your work and education history via Facebo ok Messenger and email.Pros and Cons of Job Hunting on FacebookJob search functionPro Jobs posted by the brands and companies you already follow will show up in your newsfeed.You can subscribe to Jobs on Facebook to receive notifications when new jobs are available.Con Search does not return the most relevant results compared to other platforms. Its unclear whether this has to do with inferior search algorithms and filtering or a lack of job listings to draw from, or both.Number of job listingsCon Relatively few companies are utilizing it. There arent many jobs listed, especially in non-metropolitan areas.Pro Because Jobs on Facebook isnt yet widely used, job seekers could face less competition if they find a job theyre interested in. Listing a job is currently free for companies so there is potential for it to gain popularity.Seems to be gaining some traction for service industry and blue collar jobs, but there are very few creative, corporate, or white collar jobs listed.The appli cation processPro The application is quick and easy and it opens up a direct line of communication with the company via Messenger.Con Making your profile more professional, hiding posts and photos that could hurt your application, and filling in your work and education history could be a headache for some users.Jobs on Facebook wont be challenging Indeed or Google anytime soon and LinkedIn is totenstill the most crucial social media site for your job search, but vigilant job hunters explore every avenue. Your job search routine shouldnt change to accommodate Facebook, but it wont hurt to give it a look every so often. You might just see something youlike.Facebook Commentswpdevar_comment_1 span,wpdevar_comment_1 iframewidth100% important

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The Upside to Writing Resume Online

The Upside to Writing Resume Online Top Choices of Writing Resume Online You might prove to be the sort of employee that recruiters want to get. Resumes may be used for a number of reasons but most often theyre utilized to secure new employment. A LinkedIn Profile is vital Whether youre tech-savvy or not, it is very important to adopt the new generation social media to a point, particularly when it offers a great chance to move forward in the career. Update your LinkedIn profile When youre on the market for a new job, its important to continue to keep your LinkedIn profile current. What to Expect From Writing Resume Online? You have to read the directions carefully. A web-based application doesnt imply that you cant think from the box. During the procedure, you will work one-on-one with a certified, experienced professional till you have a resume youre pleased with. The Number One Question You Must Ask for Writing Resume Online If you dont paste your resume, you will nee d to upload it. Sometimes you try to do your best and even then youre not able to score well in your home tasks. If thats the case, dont be concerned about what it appears like, because it is going to be consistent with the other resumes in the database. Search for Sample Products Good businesses show off their products since they have a firm belief it has a superior quality. After you have created a resume employing a work search engine resume builder, the website will enable you to share it together with employers on the exact same job search engine. Because so much of the work search method is zugnglich, you will need to be ready to plan a resume which works for the internet, how to send resumes as emails and email attachments, and the way to upload your resume to different job search websites and company websites. If you dont create a resume utilizing an on-line sites resume builder but still wish to post it to the website, you must upload it. What Does Writing Resume O nline Mean? Also, without a message connected to the email, the employer is not going to know why youre sending the resume to her or him. CV writing services India can also assist you with writing covering letters together with your resume. You have to continue to keep a duplicate copy. Writing a teacher resume template can be rather challenging. Writing Resume Online - What Is It? When submitting an application for jobs on the website, you simply should click the saved resume you created on the website. If you prefer to try completely free on-line solutions, you have the prerogative to accomplish this, but be certain to check and edit until it can stick out. Make certain that you get the information youre looking for. Even then youre unable to discover the informative and accurate details. When youre anticipating a career change, giving an expert makeover to your resume is going to be a good idea to look at. Based on your industry and the kind of job youre interested, a n online resume can be a terrific way to highlight your abilities and experience in a way that is more visually appealing and engaging than a traditional resume. More than a few companies demand a particular format, so make sure to inspect the format they want and use it. You better look out for it. There are examples where its difficult to tailor your resume to the particular opening.

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84% unaware of how much they spend on subscriptions

84% unaware of how much they spend on subscriptions84% unaware of how much they spend on subscriptionsResearch from Waterstone Group shows that84% of Americans think they spend less on subscription services monthly than they actually do and usually by a huge margin.The company studied the budgets of 2,500 Americans, with 21 categories of subscription service, including mobile phone service, WiFi at home, TV/movie services and Amazon Prime. Its also important to note that they only analyzed data from people who paid for the applications.How much people think they spend on subscription servicesThe breakdown shows that most people spend more than they think, but a slim six percent surveyed had estimates that were spot-on.How much people actually spend on them each monthMore than 75% of Americans subscribe to each of the top three categories, with the total of all three being roughly $170 monthly. Conversely, just three percent subscribe to wellness apps.Waterstone noted that respondent s were allowed to select the closest amount to what they pay per month, in $10 increments. So, if someone pays $8.99 per month for an app, they selected $10.The average amount of money that people spend on 21 types of subscription services is$237.33 per month. But when respondents had 10 seconds to guess how much money they fork over monthly for these products, they said $79.74 on average - a far cry from more than $200. Their second predictions (made in 30 seconds) were an average of $111.61 monthly, which isnt much closer, either.