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84% unaware of how much they spend on subscriptions

84% unaware of how much they spend on subscriptions84% unaware of how much they spend on subscriptionsResearch from Waterstone Group shows that84% of Americans think they spend less on subscription services monthly than they actually do and usually by a huge margin.The company studied the budgets of 2,500 Americans, with 21 categories of subscription service, including mobile phone service, WiFi at home, TV/movie services and Amazon Prime. Its also important to note that they only analyzed data from people who paid for the applications.How much people think they spend on subscription servicesThe breakdown shows that most people spend more than they think, but a slim six percent surveyed had estimates that were spot-on.How much people actually spend on them each monthMore than 75% of Americans subscribe to each of the top three categories, with the total of all three being roughly $170 monthly. Conversely, just three percent subscribe to wellness apps.Waterstone noted that respondent s were allowed to select the closest amount to what they pay per month, in $10 increments. So, if someone pays $8.99 per month for an app, they selected $10.The average amount of money that people spend on 21 types of subscription services is$237.33 per month. But when respondents had 10 seconds to guess how much money they fork over monthly for these products, they said $79.74 on average - a far cry from more than $200. Their second predictions (made in 30 seconds) were an average of $111.61 monthly, which isnt much closer, either.

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Tips on How to Name a Pet Business

Tips on How to Name a Pet BusinessTips on How to Name a Pet BusinessStarting a pet geschftlicher umgang can be a complicated undertaking, and one of the most difficult aspects of the process is often the selection of the right geschftliches miteinander anthroponym (provided you are not becoming part of a pet franchise where the use of the established personenname is a given).The business name you select will set the tone for the entire enterprise and is the first thing a potential customer encounters in your advertising and marketing materials.This makes the business name an extremely important part of the overall business plan. Here are 7 tips on how to navigate the process of naming your new pet business Choose a Name That Clearly Identifies the Business and Its Services It is critical that you select a name that is descriptive and gives potential customers some insight into the identity of the business. The business name is the foundation of your brand. It should clearly ident ify what you do and how you do it. Something generic like Waggin Tails or Good Dog LLC wont cut it. Are they pet boarding businesses, groomers, dog walkers, dog training services- who could tell?You need to be descriptive. Waggin Tails Pet Hotel or Good Dog Obedience Training would be better options. Avoid Overused Pet Industry Phrases Commonly Used as Business Names Those entering the pet industry should try to avoid overused pet business names like Noahs Ark, Lucky Dog, or Bow Wow. Pet owners love creative business names, so it is important that you come up with something different and catchy.Dont settle for the overused phrases that are already pervasive in the marketplace. Put your own spin on a name and make it your own.Consider Your Target Audience Carefully You should consider the target audience for your business and be aya that the name you select will appeal to that crowd.Think of the specific words that are likely to pique their interest in your business, and be sure that your business name will give them a positive first impression.Pet businesses frequently have names that are a play on words such as Shampoodle Mobile Pet Grooming, Tin Woof Inn, or See Spot Eat A Doggie Bakery. Try to Keep the Name Short and to the Point It is always a good idea to keep your business name reasonably short and simple.You can always add a descriptive tagline or motto to your business cards and advertising materials, but the name itself should be crisp and clean. Many pet businesses specify the exact service offered in the name (i.e. dog training, pet sitting, pet boutique, or pet hotel).Dont Copy the Competition It is extremely important that you do not choose a name that sounds overly similar to an established business, especially if that business also operates in your area.You want something unique and memorable, and you certainly do not want to be confused with a competitor (or to be seen as a copycat) by potential clients Make Sure the Business Name Is Available Be sure to check the availability of a potential name to be sure that it isnt already trademarked or in use.Trademark infringement often leads to lawsuits and expensive legal fees. After making sure the name is available you should be sure to register it with all relevant state and local agencies.Check to See If the Domain Name Is Available for a Website You should check to see if the website domain name is available as a part of your naming research process.Securing the website domain name is absolutely critical for an online pet business.Most brick and mortar pet business storefronts also set up websites as part of their advertising and marketing strategies, either to stab und sttze online orders or to advertise the products and services offered.

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What a mindfulness practice can teach you about leadership

What a mindfulness practice can teach you about leadershipWhat a mindfulness practice can teach you about leadershipThere are numerous studies that have shown that engaging in mindfulness practices offers psychologic, physiologic and cognitive benefits.mora recentresearchproves there are tangible results of mindfulness that can lead to greater leadership effectiveness. Over the last decade, corporate mindfulness training has enjoyed greater acceptance as employees have derived benefits from a mindfulness practice that translate to greater productivity.If repeating mantras from the top of a mountain feels way out of your comfort zone, there are many other mindfulness practices in which you can engage, even if your organization doesnt offer specialized training.Meditation, tai chi, journaling and yoga are just a few options available to try, and a simple Google search will reveal a host of free resources and apps to help you get started. You can even practice mindfulness when walking, eating or listening to others.I recently worked with Patrick, a client whose experience confirmed the benefits of mindfulness. He had recently recommitted himself to a yoga practice, an earlyyear resolution that fell by the wayside in favor of the demands of leading a growing tech company.The mora stressful and fragmented my days became, he told me, the more I knew that I had to get back on the mat. I welches not making clear decisions. I was overwhelmed with customer demands and how we were responding to them. Worse, I was losing sight of the fun of what we are trying to do with our business and what we were learning, even from our mistakes.The average yoga mat is a 24-by-68 piece of real estate, but I learned from my client that its one of the most influential sources of leadership training you can experience. But, getting back to his practice wasnt easy. Patrick complained about how much ground hed lost after months of neglecting it.You spend most of a yoga class working on your breathing, while upside down or contorting your body into positions you didnt think possible, he said. Its tough at first, especially if youre naturally competitive, or a former jock like me. I was used to being a high achiever and in this class I wasnt. Worse, it seemed that the progress Id made when first starting out had been lost and I was back to the beginning.My first challenge was tamping down my habit of comparing myself to everyone in the class, and then beating myself up because I couldnt do what they could do, he confessed. Its funny, after a while I got used to being the worse student in the class and learned to work towards incremental improvements in my own abilities.Yoga mats, I learned, are the great leveler.Patricks recommitment to mindfulness allowed him to achieve the four major goals that science says are at the heart of benefitting from any practice. These were goals that had a direct impact on his leadership style and the outcomes he enjoyedDeveloping present m oment attentionThis is the capacity to stay centered in the current moment without letting your mind wander to worries about the past or to future events. In a leadership capacity, achieving this goal allowed Patrick to develop a sharper focus on what was important at the moment and helped him minimize his tendency to multi-task, which often led to subpar work outcomes, and more strategic objectives receiving less attention than they required.IntentionalityAn important goal for Patrick was setting his intention for his yoga practice, but that spilled over into how he behaved as a leader. Demonstrating intentionality required careful consideration of his practice goals, which aligned with the requirement he had as a leader to define goals for himself, the business and his team. Intentionality helped to build and refine Patricks goal-setting muscles.Self-compassionWe all have a natural tendency to engage in self-criticism, especially when we compare ourselves to a standard that were n ot achieving. Patrick struggled most with this goal. Being overly self-critical was a tendency that compromised his mindfulness practice, for sure, but it also eroded his resilience when it came to leadership setbacks. Learning to grace himself and others with compassion contributed to Patrick building persistence and helping his team do the same. Thus, failures became opportunities to learn, grow and rebound.WitnessingThis goal, sometimes called awareness, relates to developing the capacity to observe what is happening without passing judgement. If youve ever tried meditation, youve no doubt struggled with this, as a myriad of thoughts raced through your mind when the objective was to clear it. Students of meditation are taught to observe those random thoughts and then to let them go, rather than obsess over them. Gaining mastery with witnessing allowed Patrick to minimize the instances in which he rushed to premature judgements and conclusions, especially when dealing with difficu lt situations. More importantly, he used this newfound ability to create a safe space where his team felt free to share their ideas, feedback or concerns with him, rather than keeping them under wraps until a small issue became a crisis.True leadership is about more than leveraging a technical or business skill set. Its about more than charisma or ego. At the heart of true leadership is developing personal mastery and self-awareness. Committing to a mindfulness practice may make all the difference in your leadership success.Theres a lot to learn on a yoga mat.Alaina Love is chief operating officer and president ofPurpose Linked Consultingand co-author of The Purpose Linked Organization How Passionate Leaders Inspire Winning Teams and Great Results(McGraw-Hill). She is a recovering HR executive, a global speaker and leadership expert, and passionate about everything having to do with, well passion. Her passion archetypes are Builder, Transformer and Healer. You can learn more about how to grow leaders, build passionate teams and leverage passion to create great customer outcomeshere. Follow Love onTwitter,Facebook,YouTubeor herblog.Thisarticlefirst appeared on SmartBrief. If you enjoyed this article, sign up for SmartBriefs free elektronischer briefon leadership and communication, among SmartBriefsmore than 200 industry-focused newsletters.

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6 Ways to Revive Your Job Search Resolutions Today

6 Ways to Revive Your Job Search Resolutions Today6 Ways to Revive Your Job Search6 Ways to Revive Your Job Search Resolutions TodayDo you feel like pulling the plug on your New Years resolutions because you havent made enough progress? Thats fine if you resolved to clean out your closets. You can try again next year. But if your resolution is to find a new job, giving up is not an option. Fortunately, youre in for a fresh jolt of energy and motivation because today is... DAY at If you visit the web site today (Friday, 2/4/11), youll see the IWYS team wearing t-shirts while live tweeting, recording video, having fun, and promotings theme of Dont give up on your resolution to find a new jobCareer experts from will call in to answer questions from viewers between 330 and 400 p.m. Eastern time.Meanwhile, here are five more tips to help you ramp up your readiness and maintain your mojo as you work to make your job search resolutions come trueKeep you r resume up to date. Create and save a master resume that includes everything you might want to tell an employer. Then, when a specific opportunity arises, all you have to do is tweak the wording to target that employers specific needs.Know what to expect. You cant predict exactly what an employer will ask, but you can boost your confidence and knowledge by learning the fruchtwein common interview questions, especially the tough ones, and preparing answers that show your potential value.Practice interviewing before the interview. A job interview is a one-shot, make-or-break opportunity. If youre just winging it, you wont be at your best. Once youve planned how to answer common questions, practice with a friend until you can answer them easily.Focus on the employers needs. In your resume, cover letter, and interviews, dont focus on what you want or what your old duties were. Employers want to know what you can do for their business and why youd be a good fit.Network, network, network . Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date, but be sure to step away from the computer, too. Dont be shy about telling people youre seeking opportunities. If they dont know of any job openings, they might know someone who can point you in the right direction. Youll never know if you dont ask.

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How to Impress Your Boss - The Muse

How to Impress Your Boss - The MuseHow to Impress Your Boss Taking initiative in the office is always a good thing- it keeps you energized, challenged, and excited to take on the next obstacle that comes your way. But you know what could make it even better? If your boss was watching when you were on your A-game- and loved what you were doing so much so that he or she considered you for a promotion. Luckily, you can kill two birds with one stone by using unterstellung nine strategies to take intiative in all the right ways, just as the higher-ups happen to have an eye on you. What could be better?Offer to take on more work or tackle projects that no one is grabbing (or wants to do). (Chron)Make an effort to be be the type of employee who your team members want to work with by making others a priority, asking for advice, and not complaining. (Forbes)Better yet, up the team morale by complimenting or bragging about a fellow colleagues amazing work. (Main Street)Heres an easy one Take 1 0 minutes to clean up your office. It not only can improve your producticity, it also shows your boss that you care about your work environment. (Lifehack)No one wants to learn that new content management system or series of Excel hacks? Learn a new skill to illustrate that youre in it to win it. (Fast Company)While you dont want to be constantly talking about yourself or doing so at the expense of your team, knowing how to promote yourself correctly can really help in the long run. Remember, youre your biggest advocate. (LinkedIn)Youd be surprised how talking less and asking more of the right questions can lead to new opportunities. (Michael Hyatt)On the flip side, if youre the shy one on the team, dont be afraid to let your ideas be known at meetings or when talking with your boss and peers. (Fortune)Another secret to impressing your boss? Take initiative by setting up regular meetings together to check in. (The Daily Muse)Photo of talking to boss courtesy of Shutterstock.

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The Inexplicable Puzzle Into When Formatting Your Rsum, It Is Important to _____.

The Inexplicable Puzzle Into When Formatting Your Rsum, It Is Important to _____. The Hidden Gem of when Formatting Your Rsum, It Is Important to _____. Fantastic screenwriting is about getting right to the point and so without further ado, lets look at some of the most frequently made mistakes. Conclusion By now, you know all you will need to learn about the most frequent pitfalls for screenwriters. Bear in mind a single thing that you wont ever have to construct your specifics from scratch. In any event, whether or not youre using somebody elses template or whether youre formatting it yourself, youre should make sure your screenplay is consistent throughout. It is very important to choose an easy, well-designed layout as a way to organize your professional, education and individual accomplishments. Historical Resume A historical format has to be chosen as you mean to continue to your current career in exactly the saatkorn industry sector. Marketing strategy is a process wh ich can make it possible for an organization to concentrate its resources on the best opportunities to raise sales and achieve sustainable competitive benefits. Vital things to think about when formatting the industry strategy are listing overall targets and objectives. The duration of your resume conveys the degree of experience which you have in combination with the necessary work experience for the position that youre applying for. Another reason behind tailoring the document is that lots of firms are currently using technology as the very first portion of the filtering process, so candidates will need to make certain that their resumes contain key words that show up in the job advertisement. Its critical to be an excellent candidate during the total interview procedure. As a personal assistant, your resume is a chance to not just highlight your previous experiences, but additionally to display your formatting and typing abilities. There are 3 possible means of analyzing a spreadsheet in Answers. Theres a few unique tactics to alter the formatting. So long as the layout isnt hard to read then its going find the work done in the majority of situations, although a lot of professionals establish their own standard format and keep it up. Choosing the appropriate format for a job resume is one of the most critical facets of building an extremely effective resume. Resources to assist you with AP Style questions can be found all over the internet. Its far better come with a business card and ask the man or woman to attach via LinkedIn and from that point send them your resume. Networking isnt just online It is a fact that nowadays with LinkedIn we think we need to go digital to network. Networking inside your organization is also an excellent idea. Top Choices of when Formatting Your Rsum, It Is Important to _____. Thus resume objectives will surely differ based on the sector in which you are looking for work. Whilst its understood that no magic solutions guarantee a company will succeed there are 3 factors that are linked with success. A business plan must be formatted. It is an essential document for anyone commencing a new business, already in business and critical for anyone seeking funding from a venture capitalist. If you genuinely want that job, then youve got to send them a targeted resume. In the event you genuinely need to get that job, then youve got to send them a targeted resume. The easy rule is you ought to use past tense for past jobs and present tense for your existing job. After you have your resume in fantastic shape, dont forget to recheck it any time that you make adjustments to tailor it for a particular job. Now its time to begin cleaning up. Therefore, once you are writing your resume, ensure the content is related to the requirements of the specific employer. Its essential that you decide on the best resume format if youre writing the cv for fresher prospect. Its critical that you select the best resume format whenever you are writing the cv for fresher applicant. When you produce a resume pick an extremely straightforward format.

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Four Career Tips for Financial Executives

Four Career Tips for Financial Executives Chief Financial Officers and other financial executives have usually already journeyed a long career path to get into their current position. However, once professionals have reached the realm of financial executive management, many find it hard to stay there, or worse, hard to even keep their job. The difficulty of keeping and grooming your financial management career is of course interwoven with the scarcity of options. Executive jobs in finance and CFO roles are few and far between. Even for professionals not directly in the search for a new job, the scarcity of alternative positions does not help the relative strength of the executives position with their current company. With usually very few alternative career options available to them, it is all the more imperative for financial executives to mind their careers and follow a plan.Financial executives are usually highly analytical even in relation to their own careers. They tend to plan better than average when it comes to their professional advancement. However, there are of course many common mistakes that financial executives make. These four career tips are meant to help drive continued career success.1. Be careful when divining the futureFinancial executives are judged not only on their ability to report and interpret past results and drive new geschftsleben decisions, but also on how they forecast future growth and budgets. Financial executives often get trapped into divining the business results on operations that they know little about. Remember to be very cautious when providing forecasts. One key rule to follow is to involve the business operations of particular projects in your data plans. Get sign-off from the executive management of each department on your numbers and let them be the one to look into a crystal ball.2. Network outside your companyFinancial executive s are not only judged on the internal controls and management which they drive, but also on their external relationships which they cultivate. Top financial executives network in areas which will benefit their company. If you work at a public company, financial executives should build strong relationships with investment banks if at a small start-up, they should be involved in the venture capital community. Get involved with the financial community that most directly impacts the future of your company.3. Branch out within your companyFinancial executives often surround themselves with number crunchers and other executive managers. As it is very important to involve the stakeholders in your forecasting, it is as vital to develop business understanding through conversations with other departments. The number one differentiator between a good financial executive and a great one is depth of business and industry knowledge. This knowledge can only be developed through a deep understandin g of your own internal company workings. Network with line management, Human Resources, product development, RD, and IT the goal of a top financial executive should be to become the employee with the most comprehensive knowledge of how the company operates.4. Get involved with developing talentExecutives are often judged more on the performance of their department and their reports than simply on their own merits. However, financial executives often find people management and talent development skills quite foreign from their hintergrund andskill-set. The ability to select, nourish, and sustain talent in a department is however a very important differentiator between financial executives. If you often delegate the responsibility of selection and development of your people to either management or an outside consulting firm, you are missing out on a very important opportunity. Simply put, the people behind you will make your career. Ongoing advancement of those employees skills and a bilities will be the compounding factor in your performance.Keeping your career in financial management moving forward is a difficult task. CFOs even feel that their careers have plateaued once they reach the top financial role. Being overworked andunder-appreciatedoftenaggravatesthe feeling of malaise.However, a properly cared for career can always be advanced. These four career tips are designed to help keep your financial management career moving forward and to put you in a place of strength in your negotiations. Hope you enjoyed these suggestions if you have additional thoughts, let us know