Wednesday, December 18, 2019

6 Ways to Revive Your Job Search Resolutions Today

6 Ways to Revive Your Job Search Resolutions Today6 Ways to Revive Your Job Search6 Ways to Revive Your Job Search Resolutions TodayDo you feel like pulling the plug on your New Years resolutions because you havent made enough progress? Thats fine if you resolved to clean out your closets. You can try again next year. But if your resolution is to find a new job, giving up is not an option. Fortunately, youre in for a fresh jolt of energy and motivation because today is... DAY at If you visit the web site today (Friday, 2/4/11), youll see the IWYS team wearing t-shirts while live tweeting, recording video, having fun, and promotings theme of Dont give up on your resolution to find a new jobCareer experts from will call in to answer questions from viewers between 330 and 400 p.m. Eastern time.Meanwhile, here are five more tips to help you ramp up your readiness and maintain your mojo as you work to make your job search resolutions come trueKeep you r resume up to date. Create and save a master resume that includes everything you might want to tell an employer. Then, when a specific opportunity arises, all you have to do is tweak the wording to target that employers specific needs.Know what to expect. You cant predict exactly what an employer will ask, but you can boost your confidence and knowledge by learning the fruchtwein common interview questions, especially the tough ones, and preparing answers that show your potential value.Practice interviewing before the interview. A job interview is a one-shot, make-or-break opportunity. If youre just winging it, you wont be at your best. Once youve planned how to answer common questions, practice with a friend until you can answer them easily.Focus on the employers needs. In your resume, cover letter, and interviews, dont focus on what you want or what your old duties were. Employers want to know what you can do for their business and why youd be a good fit.Network, network, network . Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date, but be sure to step away from the computer, too. Dont be shy about telling people youre seeking opportunities. If they dont know of any job openings, they might know someone who can point you in the right direction. Youll never know if you dont ask.

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